Soldering wave carriers

At Contecto, we understand the importance of an efficient manufacturing process in the electronics industry. Our expertise extends to a wide range of mechanical solutions for your electronics assembly, including wave soldering carriers and selective soldering carriers. We offer our customers a total solution from start to finish: from brainstorm sessions, advising and designing carriers and other mechanical solutions to the realization of your products on our own CNC milling machines.

Wave soldering, press fit fixtures and more at Contecto

With a wave soldering carrier in your soldering machine, you can speed up the soldering process exponentially. The larger your series and/or the number of THT components on your board, the more you speed up the lead time of your PCB assembly process. In addition, machine soldering also reduces irregularities on your product, which benefits the quality of your electronics. Are you using wave soldering technology but your PCBA also has SMD components that need to be shielded? No problem. Our engineers custom design your wave soldering carrier so that the vulnerable components are protected by our carrier and the components that need soldering are neatly soldered.

Our press fit fixtures prevent damage to components or PCB while assembling press fit connectors. Press fit fixtures are custom designed by our engineers depending on your product and requirements.

Our mechanical solutions are designed with precision and craftsmanship. Whether you need a wave soldering carrier, soldering frame, or press fit fixture, we have the solution to meet your requirements. This way, you can be confident that your product will be soldered safely and efficiently.

More information about all our soldering solutions?

Contecto is your trusted partner for all your soldering accessories. Our expertise in wave soldering and selective soldering guarantees the quality and reliability you need. Contact us today to find out how we can optimize your soldering processes.


Soldering carriers

Solder process tooling

Solder carriers are designed based on the needs of the customer and the product. Contecto offers its customers the possibility to send own designs for the to be produced carrier. On the other hand, it is possible to provide Contecto with PCB data. When the last option applies, our engineers will develop the most suitable solder carrier for your production process.

  • Solid
  • Labor saving
  • Quality control
Soldeer carrier

Carrier base material

High heat resistant material

The antistatic epoxy glass laminate  DC_261 material is able to resist extreme heat like lead free solder or flux chemicals. Due to its durability, this material is best used as printed circuit carriers or solder pallets.

  • Best material
  • Heat resistant
  • Long durability
Carrier base material

Coating carriers

Board protection

To protect a PCB from hazardous environmental influences (e.g. humidity, dust, chemicals, extreme temperatures, etc.) you can apply a coating to your PCB. In order to apply the coating in a  professional and qualitative way you require a coating carrier. This will extend the quality and repeatability of the coating applied in your production process.

  • Flexible
  • Customized
  • Stackable
Coating carrier

Selective carriers

Selective on a standard machine

Wave Soldering of mixed boards with SMD on solder site. Make it possible with a selective carrier. SMD mounted components will be shielded with carrier or titanium material, depending on the gap between wired pad and SMD pad. Selective soldering on a wave machine is much faster than on a selective machine. You have also more solder energy for large components.

  • Wave machine
  • Fast process
  • Shielded