About us

Contecto is a perfect mix of young  enthusiastic  technical  experts  in hardware-, mechanical- & software design and senior electronic engineers with professional experience in the electronic industry. Together with our Technical network we can handle every innovative challenge.

As full Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider we can support you as Small / Medium Enterprise (SME), with all relevant technology processes you need or desire, leading your concept product idea or technical challenge to first time right physical concept, functional model, prototype, pilotseries or small production series, using our knowledge, creativity, methods, experience, available machinery and tooling.

We understand that the way you manage your design process can make the difference between you losing a customer or winning their loyalty. Knowing that we influence this critical customer experience drives us to ensure we always provide you with the right solution to meet your business objectives.

Our specialty incorporates an open Innovation funnel (process blocks 1-8), where you as a customer can choose the required expertise you need to be successful in your market.