About us

Contecto is a perfect mix of young, enthusiastic experts and senior engineers with experience in the electronics industry. With our team we take care of the development and production of hardware, software and mechanical products and parts. Together with our network we can meet any challenge.

Every day we contribute to new developments and innovative solutions through creative thinking and short lines within our collaboration. These short lines of communication exist not only within our organization, but also with our customers. We are close to the developer and do each process in direct collaboration with the customer, and being able to work together is Contecto's strength. We are convinced that the combination of your field knowledge and our technical knowledge will produce the perfect product for your target group.

Recently Contecto has developed a new concept; our Technology Blocks. These blocks are intended as a transparent delineation of our working method in the development processes, but also to show that our blocks can also be separated from each other. Because of this, we offer an extra piece of flexibility and thus always give our customer the journey they wish for.