Circuit board assembly

Professional PCB assembly

Today, printed circuit boards are an essential part of many products. Many products are operated electronically, from small electronics to large machines, and all these products contain one or more printed circuit boards. If you are a production company of electronic products where a printed circuit board has to be used, you can outsource the printed circuit board assembly. In most cases, PCB assembly does not fit into your production process and you need already assembled PCBs that you can use immediately. When you receive the assembled printed circuit boards immediately, this will save you a lot of time and money.

Types of PCB assembly

Printed circuit boards are present in computers, machines, consumer electronics and so there are many other applications that contain printed circuit boards. The printed circuit board is a carrier of various electronic components and with the help of this your products will eventually work. Depending on the application, printed circuit boards can be assembled using two methods. The most common method is by means of SMD (Surface Mounted Device) placement. This is also referred to as the surface-mounted component and means that components are soldered directly to the printed circuit board. The other PCB assembly method is THT (Trough Hole Technology) placement. The components are mounted on the printed circuit board by means of mounting pins and holes.

Assemble your PCB by Contecto

Assembling a printed circuit board is a sophisticated technique that requires a certain expertise. This can be done manually or by machine. To assemble a printed circuit board, please contact Contecto. Contecto is a company specializing in electronics service. Contecto is not only a specialist for circuit board assembly, but also in the design of hardware, software and mechanical and electronic applications. Do you have an application for which you do not yet have a specific printed circuit board? Then the technical specialists can guide you in the design of your custom printed circuit board. Contecto can handle any innovative challenge.

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